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Is Equality uncertain

In my first year of studying law I do four modules, tort, contract, public and law and society. So far I think law and society is probably my most favoured. It is nice to escape from the tedious hours of trying to get my head around contract and Tort. Putting aside the more traditional areas… Continue reading Is Equality uncertain


Law Ball 2018

Law Ball 2018 - The Midland Hotel - Manchester 1920's themed!! I wish i was alive in this era, i love the jazz music, the glitz and glamour, and of course on hearing the news the law ball this year was going to be 1920's themed i instantly thought of one of my favourite novels… Continue reading Law Ball 2018


Remember. “Nothing looks as good as healthy feels”

Healthy student? On a budget. This is probably the same case with any student starting university, and that is that staying healthy is HARD. The large consumptions of alcohol, the deadline cramming..where you find yourself snacking at late hours in the night, the greasy takeaway you consume unconsciously after a night out, and of course… Continue reading Remember. “Nothing looks as good as healthy feels”


“Pro-bono Publico” – For the Public Good

“Pro-bono Publico” -  For the Public Good It is national “Pro-Bono” week!! The 6th-11th of November 2017 It’s time to celebrate the free legal services, which are provided to those who struggle to get the sufficient, and needed legal support. In 2017 don’t be fooled by the stigma that legal support services are only assessable… Continue reading “Pro-bono Publico” – For the Public Good