“Pro-bono Publico” – For the Public Good

“Pro-bono Publico” –  For the Public Good

It is national “Pro-Bono” week!!

The 6th-11th of November 2017

It’s time to celebrate the free legal services, which are provided to those who struggle to get the sufficient, and needed legal support.

In 2017 don’t be fooled by the stigma that legal support services are only assessable for the wealthy. There are qualified lawyers, and law students with the specialist skills who offer free legal support to poverty stricken clients, non-profit groups or charitable organisations such as ‘Shelter’. Shelter is an organisation in the UK which provides support services to the homeless.

“Every day 150 families in Britain become homeless. Will you help us be there for them?”Shelter

During my time studying in Manchester, the third largest city in the UK after London and Birmingham, It has hit home to me how many UK citizens are now living in poverty, and on the streets. It’s sad because you never know their story or situation, only that these people are human just like the rest of us at the end of the day.

Contrary to popular belief, lawyers can be the kindesimg_9192t, most thoughtful, and most helpful people you’ll ever meet. Some are genuinely passionate about what they do , and pour their heart and soul into their work every day.

The stereotype is that lawyers are either stuffy, rich, and pretentious, or they’re just out to get your money.

Innocent until proven guilty, right?

Lawyers can be very practical and down-to-earth, and this week celebrates those lawyers who put their passion into the people FREE OF CHARGE!!

At Manchester Law School i have the opportunity as a law student to be apart of the ProBono network to apply my knowledge and skills to real legal situations, to gain valuable experience, and to make a real difference to myself and others.
The Pro Bono Network is involved in pro bono projects offering a wide range of legal work, covering civil and criminal areas, commercial law and international law.
In the future or the years commencing of my academic study I could be working on a legal advice line; assisting start-up businesses in the Business Law Cafe; supporting caseworkers for the homeless; representing clients at tribunals; or even working on death row cases in America.

Here is my journey on “National Pro-Bono Week” 6/11/2017 – 11/11/2017 …to be updated




2 thoughts on ““Pro-bono Publico” – For the Public Good

  1. Hi Olly, Really good insight.
    I am a engineering undergrad student from India. I think your experience in law should be shared. Here’s my blog if you wanna contribute a little insight on how is studying law in England really like…

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