Law Ball 2018

Law Ball 2018 – The Midland Hotel – Manchester

1920’s themed!! I wish i was alive in this era, i love the jazz music, the glitz and glamour, and of course on hearing the news the law ball this year was going to be 1920’s themed i instantly thought of one of my favourite novels The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald ‘LETS PARTY LIKE GATSBY’.


As you can see by my head to toe sparkly, sequinned dress and feather boa, I wanted to go ALL OUT and ott. I was also going for the Kylie Jenner at Kris’s Great Gatsby themed party look…don’t think I quite looked as mint as her but I tried :/

Who wore it better????!

‘THE ROARING 1920’S’...WW1 is over, morals and social customs have become relaxed, fashion is changing, the ‘new woman’ has the right to dance and drink the days away. This i feel is almost a metaphor of me breaking away for a night and enjoying life not reading cases, and statutes. Although that is a massive LIE i have been drinking and experiencing student night life all year, don’t let perceptions of law students decieve you we do have time to have fun!!

Its been a while since i have posted (so so sorry) the past few months have been very busy with university, and life outside university i haven’t been able to get round to making regular posts. HOWEVER, now summer is approaching, and i have finished all my seminars and lectures for the year, i have more time to fill you in on my life as a law student in the UK.

So…as my first year of studying Law in Manchester comes to a close, i celebrated with my fellow “learned friends” (law student pun) by getting dolled up for the yearly Law Ball organised by the law society.

I wont lie to you the year has been stressful!!! But highly rewarding. However, i do not think I’m really prepared for second year, i am feeling anxious about the workload already 😦 *CRIES. The best thing about the year is defiantly meeting my law group, and i am so lucky that i feel as though I have gained some friends for life! I was so excited to get glitzed up with them to celebrate tackling through the tears, meltdowns, confusion, and 3am library trips with great success! Here are some images from the glamorous night…

Look at me being all posh!! I even treated myself to a porn star martini, haven’t been able to have one of those in a while..being on the student budget:/ However, I deserve something other than a vodka and coke for one night OK!!

Until the next ball..


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